The Second Coming of World War One?

The media — and presumably the world — are treating the headline “US, Russia agree to framework on Syria chemical weapons” as good news.

I’m not so sure it is.

Matter of fact, it seems to me that the global political clock is lining up on much the same hour and minute hands now as it did in the summer of 1914 when Austria-Hungary delivered its “ultimatum” to Serbia.

Granted, the Russians are slight less “all-in” on behalf of Syria than they were with respect to Serbia, and seem to be playing a more soothing diplomatic role this time around, but it’s still a situation which involves “great powers” rattling their sabers at each other while issuing ultimata to smaller countries. That’s a dangerous situation for everyone involved and for bystanders as well.

US Secretary of State John Kerry seems to be following the Austro-Hungarian pattern of escalating demands and provocations until he finds something, anything the Assad regime won’t do to “keep the peace.”

The difference for America, of course, is that two oceans aren’t sufficient to protect us from the results of all-out war suddenly exploding from the fallout of this seemingly minor affair. Russia may not be as powerful as the old Soviet Union was, but it’s quite possibly not as pliable, either.

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One Response to The Second Coming of World War One?

  1. The Syrians were hit hard by Climate Change, no rain and the water table sinking. Nothing to eat in the country and no work in the cities. A tremendous human tragedy unfolding.

    What did the rich Gulf Oil Oilgarchies do to help ? The United States ? Israel ?

    Not only did they do nothing to help, they viewed the tragedy as an opportunity … to start a civil war, to cynically inflict even more damage on the Syrians! To kick them when they were down, and neither we nor they have stopped kicking them yet.

    The only outside power whose actions have in any way helped the Syrians has been Russia.

    And there you have it, The New American Century. If the only tool left in your toolbox is your Wehrmacht, well the whole world looks like a battlefield. Someone has to be the Evil Empire.

    This is what the United States has come to. My heart goes out to the Syrians. I couldn’t care less about the GulfOilOligach, the Israeli, and their client-state, the USSA Axis or about the Russians. The real story is not even in the news : the human catastrophe that is unfolding in Syria the civil war regardless. Viewed as an opportunity to destroy the country for keeps. Not a drop of aid or even sympathy from anyone.

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