He Says It Like It’s a Bad Thing …

Per The Daily Star:

A senior Palestinian official accused Israel on Thursday of preventing the United States from taking part in peace talks, two days after a new round of meetings.

“The American side has not participated in any meetings until now between Israel (and the Palestinians),” Palestine Liberation Organisation secretary general Yasser Abed Rabbo told Voice of Palestine radio.

Why should the United States participate in talks between two states, neither of which it has any formal alliance with, neither of which represent any legitimate US defense or security interest, and both of which are located in a region where the US has no business meddling?

American participation in Arab-Israeli peace talks isn’t good for the Arabs, it isn’t good for the Israelis, and it isn’t good for the Americans. It just. Isn’t. Good. So this is good news.

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One Response to He Says It Like It’s a Bad Thing …

  1. The ‘American’ is an Israeli anyway … maybe that’s Rabbo meant. But the PNO is not representative of the Palestinians either … they’re appointed by the Americans.

    So maybe that’s who’re ‘negotiating’ the future of Palestine … the Americans and the Israelis? No, Palestine doesn’t exist according to either of those two parties.

    The Americans and the Israelis negotiating the future of Israel, then. With no Americans present. I guess they’ll just give the Americans a list of the duties they’ll be required to perform after they’re throught negotiating. And the bill. And we’ll all love it so much we’ll reelect the Israeli stooges in Congress who got things to the state they are.

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