A Positive Note on Egypt

One burden of being a non-interventionist is that it always feels like being a Negative Nellie — because, let’s face it, pretty much every aspect of US foreign policy is just plain 180 degrees bass-ackward wrong and has been for decades. There’s not a lot of nice things to say.

It’s also difficult to find a ray of light in “the Egypt situation.” Hundreds, possibly thousands, have died this week in confrontations between the country’s armed forces — acting at the direction of a coup-installed junta — and street protesters, many (but certainly not all) of whom are affiliated with the militant and Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. And things are just getting started.


US president Barack Obama has canceled military maneuvers with Egypt’s military.

That’s not “enough” by a damn sight … but it’s a good start. See? I found something positive to say!

The next step is to obey US law, which forbids US aid to coup-installed governments, and cut off all financial and military aid to the junta.

The step after that is to contact the leadership of the Brotherhood (if any can be found alive, not imprisoned, and available for a discussion) to let them know that the aid in question is never coming back, regardless of which side emerges victorious from what is obviously developing into full-blown civil war.

And the final step is to get Congress to likewise end all financial aid and military aid to, and other entanglements with, every other regime in the region.

Yes, that includes Israel.

Throwing billions of dollars in cash, not to mention tons of deadly military equipment, at the regimes and other militant organizations of a volatile part of the world serves no legitimate US interest whatsoever, least of all the usually proffered ones, “democracy” and “stability.” All it does is up the body count and encourage a continuation of the violence.

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One Response to A Positive Note on Egypt

  1. “The next step is to obey US law, which forbids US aid to coup-installed governments, and cut off all financial and military aid to the junta.”

    This regime spits in the eye ot US law … and in the eye of the Consitution of our United States. It will not even listen to our American complaints let alone end it’s criminal spying, assassinations, and funding and supplying coups in Egypt and al Qaeda terrorism in Syria.

    It’s message to us if ‘get used to it‘!

    The only thing left for us to do is admit that a gang of criminals has taken over our government, and then toi put one foot in front of the other to remove that gang … hell, there are only 546 of them and there are 300,000,000 of us, for goodness sakes. We are many and they are few.

    So let us put one put one foot in front of the other until we have removed the present, criminal US government (I see little or no difference between our last, present, and next governments without a revolution from the bottom up) and reasserted popular sovereignty in the USA.

    I have plan … but I just like it because it will work. I’d be happy to go along with anyone’s plan … that will work.

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