“Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.”

That sentiment — expressed by 20th century US super-politico Henry L. Stimson — certainly seems naive these days. But given the fallout of the Snowden affair, it’s worth asking whether the strategic benefits of successful/undetected peacetime espionage match the price of getting caught. Per Russia Today:

US Secretary of State John Kerry had to face tough questioning over NSA surveillance in Colombia, ahead of his visit to Brazil — the country which has been the US’s top spying target in Latin America in Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks.

Amid a chill in relations between Washington and Latin America, Brazil appears reluctant to go ahead with a planned $4 billion purchase of 36 US fighter jets, with sources close to the deal citing lack of trust as a reason, Reuters reported.

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One Response to “Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.”

  1. Genuine Realist says:

    We spy on them, they spy right back at us. Probably not as well.

    Gimme a cookie.

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