“Cold War thinking and Cold War Mentality”

That’s what US President Barack Obama accuses Vladimir Putin of “slipping back” into when asked about the Russian government’s decision to extend political asylum to American whistleblower Edward Snowden instead of handing him over, no questions asked, to a country Russia has no extradition treaty with.

I agree that some people are engaged in trying to bring the Cold War back, but I’m not so sure that it’s the Russians.

During the Cold War, the US and USSR jockeyed for good missile detection and launch position globally. These days, only one of those two countries seems fixated on building “missile shields” across eastern Europe. Hint: It’s not the USSR.

During the Cold War, the US government took a dim view of USSR-backed insurgencies in Latin America and the Caribbean. These days it’s the US government backing insurgencies in the Eastern Europe and the Middle East, including the rebellion against Russia’s ally, Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

During the Cold War, both sides engaged in “hot” wars via proxies (Korea, Vietnam, etc.).  In the 21st century, only one such proxy war stands out: US support — including saber-rattling versus Russia — for Georgia’s invasion of Russian-allied South Ossetia.

I carry no particular brief for the Putin regime, but that regime seems a lot less Cold War-like than its US counterparts of the last decade.

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9 Responses to “Cold War thinking and Cold War Mentality”

  1. Jack Smith says:


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  2. skulzstudios says:

    Obama is a whiny, if not flaccid, limp-wristed buffoon. Vlad Putin is being mean! Whatever. I’m sending prayers and petitions to the gods of diplomania that the Russians refuse Obama entry to St. Petersburg for the G20. Now that would be something President Petulant could whine about.

    • kdelphi says:

      I have never supported Obama, but I am really tired of ppl being childish about him.,…..he is no better and no worse than any president we have had since Reagan….this system is just collapsing and he is doing nothing but helping it….Putin is a tool (so is Obama)

      • skulzstudios says:

        Yikes! “Childish?” Well alrighty then, one shan’t be expressing opinion here. Wouldn’t be prudent nor tolerated. Bye bye…

      • kdelphi says:

        I just dont understand why perfectly intelligent and caring ppl have to say shit like “Obama is a whiny, if not flaccid, limp-wristed buffoon.” Limp wristed? You got somethin against GLT? I dunno, maybe I am being touchy cause of town halls, but, wish ppl wo0uld wake up to what the real prob is…we can elect someone else…who, romney? oh that wouldve really helped….lets place the blame where it belongs, on Capitalism (it aint personal, dude or dudette, sorry 😉

      • skulzstudios says:

        Okay kdelphi, Obama is a straight up fucking war criminal. Better? By the by, I have NOTHING against GLT’s and/or blt’s and/or whatever. I am fully up to speed as to what the real problem is. Thank you very much for your ever so kind condescension. The real problem would be, amerika is lost. The banker/wall street/military-industrial/stasi/gestapo/fascist bastards are at the heart of the problem. And the really galling aspect would be, there is no fix.
        don nash

  3. Carl Rising-Moore says:

    Several days ago, the CIA #2, Michael Morell made some amazing comments. I can only imagine that these comments were designed to change US position on Syria 180%.
    These quotes from the Wall Street Journal several days ago;
    “In Washington, the CIA #2 said (the war in Syria), poses the greatest threat to U.S. security because of the regime falling and Syria becoming a weapons rich haven for Al Qaeda.”
    “..CIA Michael Morrell said in an interview in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal that are now more foreigners flowing into Syria each month to join Al Qaeda affiliated groups then there were during the height of the war in Iraq.” Regime weapons “are going to up for grabs and up for sale” as they were in Libya when Moamar Kadhafi fell”, Morrell said. “It’s proably the most important issue in the world today” he said. “Because of where it is currently heading” towards President Bashar Al Assad’s overthrow.

    Is this a message to Russia that the US and Russia do not need to continue their public debate over the wisdom of overthrowing the Syrian government? Remember Obama’s comments over a year ago, “Assad will fall in weeks not months”. I can only hope that this new coalition of the willing, NATO, Arab League, and the USA are having second thoughts about this insane plan of overthrowing yet one more nation. If this CIA Morell gets fired in the next few days, then we know that he does not speak for the Obama Administration.

  4. It’s a little late for the CIA to express its misgivings … they’re up their asses in al-Qaeda and always have been.

    Graham Fuller, the ex-father-in-law of the Chechen Ruslan Tsaernaev whose nephews bombed Boston instead of Chechnya when their move to the US went sour, ‘invented’ al-Qaeda … when he wasn’t funding the murderous Contras by selling weapons to Iranians to defend themselves from US protege Sadam Hussein, or drugs to Californians … was no doubt instrumental in supplying Chechnyans to the Syrian murder-fest as well.

    The CIA is now in cover-its-ass mode. They got what they wished for – they put al-Qaeda in Syria – and now know that nobody’s going to be pleased … so they are touching all the bases … ‘warning’ people of the upcoming results of what they worked so hard to achieve ‘before hand’.

    Obama is not limp-wristed … he’s a nihilist corporate lawyer who services his clients. He and Holder will both end up as millionaires, a la Bill Clinton, and smile, as the sociopath Clinton does now, at all the misery they’ve caused everywhere for everyone else on earth.

    And Putin refused to supply the anti-aircraft missles Russian had contracted to supply to Syria, leaving the US/Israel/NATO airforces clear skies over Syria. With friends like Putin the Syrians don’t need enemies.

    Cold-War ? I don’t think so. Putin’s in the same bag with Obama and Holder. It’s a money bag. None of them care a fig for the rest of the world … that’s why they’re ‘trusted’ by the TNCs to hold the positions they do.

    Our only hope is to pull up our socks and do the heavy lifting ourselves : completely replace the American political class. Hell, there are only 546 of them.

    Accept that’s what needs to be done, put one foot ion front of another, we can be in control in two or three congressional election cycles. What’s required is an actual belief in democracy and the will to follow through and put it into actual practice. Easy to say, I know … but I think it’s the truth.

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