Rouhani Makes His First Big Mistake …

He’s indicating a willingness to “resume talks” about Iran’s nuclear program.

That’s a mistake. It gives false credibility to the US government’s claim — in the face of a complete absence of evidence that Iran’s government is pursuing nuclear weapons, and despite its “supreme leader’s” long-standing fatwah declaring their development and possession a sin — that there’s some kind of legitimate “controversy” here.

On the other hand, maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it’s one hand washing the other. After all, the US government has done a bang-up job of keeping the mullahs in power in Iran for more than 30 years now with this kind of thing.

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One Response to Rouhani Makes His First Big Mistake …

  1. The spin on what he said by “The Chron” may have attempted to give credibility to the US/Israeli claims, but that’s not Rouhani’s fault. They don’t want to talk to him. They’ll put conditions on talks that will make talks impossible.

    He’s right to offer to talk. He’s right to keep the light shining on the intransigent US/Israeli Axis rather than on Iran, if he can.

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