The Power of One (Special Interest Lobby)

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President Obama’s nominee for be the next US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power …. promises that should her nomination go through she will work tirelessly as an ambassador at the UN to “defend Israel,” saying she would “go on offense and defense” to stop UN criticism of the nation. Power went on to say that America’s “special relationship” with Israel would have to be preserved and that she would work to secure a seat on the UN Security Council for Israel.

One need not take any particular position on Israel per se, or support any particular side in Israel’s conflicts (with Iran, with the Arab states or with the Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza), to object to this kind of pandering.

Even if we pretend that the “special relationship” is a function of genuine alliance rather than of a powerful, well-funded lobby’s influence on Capitol Hill — a doubtful proposition — the job of the US ambassador to the United Nations is to represent the United States. Israel has its own ambassador, Ron Prosor, to represent its interests in the UN.

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2 Responses to The Power of One (Special Interest Lobby)

  1. skulzstudios says:

    Sammi Power must have made ‘aliyah’ and received her marching orders from Herr Bibi. If the US Senate wasn’t Israeli occupied territory already, one might think the Senate would send Ms. Sammi packing back to the land of Zionism. However, Israel first. Especially in the US Senate and evidently, with Ms. Sammi.

  2. There’s quite a heartening article up on The EU Directive on the Occupied Territories.

    I wrote letters to my ‘representatives’ – Cornyn, Cruz, and Farenthold – in TX telling them to do the same for US as the EU has done for its member states. I don’t imagine that any of those three will come up with a bill, but I’m going to be the guy who keeps writing them with suggestions that do NOT take into account whatever erroneous position they may hold. They work for me, no matter what they think.

    It looks like, after the NSA revelations especially – Merkel is sounding like the East German she is, and I’ll bet the Germans are suddenly feeling a overcome by a wave of nausea – the USSA (the extra S is for Security) is the most hated nation on earth, after Israel. Or the other way around. With blood in the water post-NSA it’s gonna be “the way I used to love ya baby, that’s the way I hate ya now !”

    That sounds bad … but it seems perversely to be the closest we can to good at this point in time. The slimy creatures in the USG while slither and slime and ooze all over each other repudiating their own and each other’s pasts as it finally does dawn on them that you can’t eat money, or sleep on it or in it or with it.

    At least that’s what I hope is on the way. Always trying to see rosy-fingered dawn in the East.

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