Clinton Urges Syria Intervention, Regrets Not Being More of a Warmonger

Per the Jerusalem Post:

Speaking to a private audience in New York on Wednesday, Bill Clinton said that US President Barack Obama risks looking like “a total fool” if he chooses to follow opinion polls on American involvement in Syria too closely when deciding US policy on the conflict.

Speaking broadly about the pitfalls of such tactics from the Oval Office, the former president cited his failures in Bosnia and Kosovo as examples, reported Politico, a political news publication based in Washington that acquired audio tape of the event.

During the nadirs of those conflicts, Clinton was extremely reluctant to engage US troops. But he has repeatedly said in interviews since leaving office that he regrets his handling of America’s response, both to the wars in Europe and also to the genocide in Rwanda.

Two thoughts:

  1. When Bill Clinton and John McCain agree on anything, they’re almost certainly both wrong; and
  2. When Bill Clinton talks policy just as US President Barack Obama is expected to frame or re-frame policy, he’s almost certainly trying to position his wife for 2016  —  either as the architect of, or the alternative to, what’s about to happen.


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