Obama’s speech on al Qaeda, drones, Guantanamo Bay: You heard it here first!

by Joe Scarry
crossposted from Scarry Thoughts

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is the result of notice we received that we would be able to obtain a leaked copy of a speech on national security that President Obama plans to give on Thursday, May 23, at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. At press time, however, we had only received a portion of the transmission — which appears to be a set of speakers notes and prompts that accompany the speech itself. As an aid to our readers, we are going ahead and publishing these now (see below) and will add the text of the speech as it becomes available.]

Keeping America Safe:
Difficult Challenges in an 
Age of Diverse Threats

Thank you for welcoming me here today to speak with you about the challenges we face in providing security for the America people.

Now before you decide you don’t believe a word I say, take a close look
at this flag, and this image of the White House behind me. That’s right ….
You’re getting sleepy … very sleepy ….


In recent days we have been reminded of the difficult issues we face in addressing threats against the United States, including the continued detention of over one hundred and fifty men at Guantanamo without charge, and our drone program.

Any time we have to use force, and any time innocent people come in harm’s way, it is a matter of grave concern.

The funny thing? I don’t have to act like I care. ? Oh … I mean …
The sad thing? I don’t have to act like I care. I just have to say the
words and people have to act like it’s magically true. That’s the rule.
And you know what’s even sadder? Congress won’t work with me! So if we
learn one thing from the Guantanamo hunger strikers, it’s that Congress
should do a better job of working with me!


There was a time when Americans could live their lives secure from the fear of attack. Those days are gone.

People shouldn’t be confused by the facts about Al Qaeda: whether or not it
has any real power as an organization, the important thing is that the American
public remain scared. If you ever feel uncertain about whether you should feel
scared, just repeat the word “terrorism” until the fear comes back.


These are days that call for decisive leadership.

Clearly, the American people are yearning for a strong leader – someone with
guts. That’s how I know that, no matter how many fringe types object to drone
killing, my presidency just gets stronger every time I incinerate a few more Pakistanis.


Make no mistake: America is a country founded on the ideal of the rule of law. We must balance our ideals with our obligation to keep the American people safe.

Frankly, I’m really tired of people harping on the “Constitutional lawyer”
thing. Hasn’t anyone seen “Bullworth”? All that “supremacy of the law” crap
goes out the window when you get elected! Didn’t you know that?


As President, I have charged my Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, CIA Director, and every officer of the Executive Branch, to make the security of the American people their highest priority.

So, really, your choices come down to: (a) thinking for yourself and realizing
that you’re being hoodwinked by the entire political class in America; or (b)
acquiescing in the craven desire to just be dominated by a handful of leaders
who dress in suits and talk in sententious voices.  Which do you REALLY want?
See? I told you ….

Working together, we can continue to keep Americans “safe” and “free.”


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Full text of the speech to be provided shortly.]
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One Response to Obama’s speech on al Qaeda, drones, Guantanamo Bay: You heard it here first!

  1. ohchaz says:

    President Obama is simply not a good leader. He makes a hard stand and when opposed he folds like a cheap lawn chair. He is spending way too time and money working on amnesty for corporate good o the Nation. He ,just like Congress and the Supreme Court ignore public opinion. Non of what they are doing is going create jobs for ” American Citizens .” This administration has ,like the past four , has done nothing about securing our borders. Since 9/11/ 01 you would think our security would be top notch and tighter than a frog’s butt. In reality Homeland Security isn’t concerned about the 11 to 25 million illegal, unknown foreign invaders. The gang of apes want to destroy our economy and sovereignty by awarding these scofflaw leeches amnesty. I couldn’t be more sick and tired of the way our Congress handles itself ,the Country , with pork barrel legislation and defying their constituents for the benefits of the power lobby. Things are going to change. If our Government can no longer represent the people and even ignores the people then it is time for a new and improved one.

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