Their Foolish Consistency

If there’s one thing we can count on without fail, it is that the War Party considers any and every incident an excuse to trot out their same failed schemes yet again. Conor Friedersdorf elaborates:

Every War on Terror hawk mentioned in this column has a long list of predictions they’ve made about foreign policy and geopolitics, only to see them proved definitely wrong by subsequent events. None of them is among the pundits who grappled with their past errors in any meaningful way. Their pronouncements today are as untempered by self doubt as they ever were. If past performance meant anything in the pundit’s game, their past punditry (and Yoo’s discredited Bush-era legal analysis) would’ve long since stripped them of “War on Terror expert” status.

They’re nevertheless regarded as experts on the right …

At the level of individual violence, bullies are capable of learning. Bloody the guy’s nose a few times, he stops sticking that nose where it doesn’t belong.

Unfortunately, the likes of Mark Steyn, William Kristol and Andrew McCarthy operate through proxy noses, courtesy of Uncle Sugar. They get to do the bullying; everyone else gets to do the bleeding.

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