The Victims of American Terrorism

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, the details of the three victims killed are making their rounds on the internet. CNN reports that they were a 29-year-old woman, an 8-year-old boy, and a foreign exchange graduate student from Boston University. Their families mourn as the media continues to report every detail — confirmed or not — of the freshly labeled terrorist attack.

CNN profiles each victim, reminding audiences of the gruesome humanity of the incident. Krystle Campbell, the 29-year-old woman, was a fun loving, beautiful girl — as described by her elderly grandmother. Her mother described her as the best daughter anyone could ever want. Their pain is palpable in the dramatically worded stories reporting the death.

The little boy killed was a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Bruins. Martin loved sports and excelled in school, helping classmates with homework. A neighbor described his family as “all-American,”  but his potential is “snuffed out” forever. The third victim’s identity was undisclosed, except for the fact that she had come from halfway around the world — China — to study at an American university. She had gone to watch the marathon with her friends from school.

While these portraits of individual tragedy are difficult to swallow, it is impossible not to wonder what might happen if the media that sensationalizes the Boston bombing spent 1/100 of the effort covering other “terrorist attacks,” as well. Barack Obama explained that “any time bombs are used on innocent civilians, it is a terrorist attack.” What if the reporters of the corporate media spent their hours detailing the lives and interests of children bombed in Pakistan or Afghanistan? Children who loved sports, playing outside (when there seems to be no risk of a drone attack), and their parents. The media would be busy for years covering the slaughter of innocent civilians in bombings in Iraq — the “war on terror” would be relabeled a war of terror.

It would be a shock, if instead of making excuses for the soldiers who lose their minds to PTSD and the general horrors of enforcing occupation, the media recognized the humanity of the civilians they violently murder. Were CNN, FOX, or MSNBC — or the New York Times or USA Today for that matter — to provide personal details about the dead, it would affect policy more than the martyred victims of the Boston massacre. Then perhaps said journalists could discuss the veterans who kill themselves because of what they experience and witness.

If Americans had to hear of grieving mothers half-way around the world whose families were taken from them because of American-made bombs, more proaction could be taken. It would save a greater number of lives than the beefed up security — in response to Monday’s tragedy — in major cities across the country.

The sad deaths of “all-Americans” and perfect daughters evoke particular sympathy and compassion among American nationalists. However, the same journalistic focus, when applied to horrific US foreign policy, might mobilize public opinion to put a stop to the much bigger, more systemic plague of innocent death at the hands of the US military. Instead of focusing only on the tragedy of American death and suffering, Americans could expand their understanding of terrorism, as well as their compassion, by learning about the daily deaths of promising human life on a global scale. The victims may not be fair-skinned or from cozy American suburbs, but their potential is snuffed out and their families mourn them all the same.

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7 Responses to The Victims of American Terrorism

  1. ohchaz says:

    This act of extreme cruelty toward innocent people is unacceptable in our Country. Swift and deadly action is needed in dealing with the kind of sicko that thinks this is right. Our schools , Churches and public events are under attack by terrorists and extremely bent individuals. We must be more vigilant. Our homeland has become similar those of the Middle East. I’m not blaming any ethnic group ,but allowing millions of unknown, illegals to cross our borders is very scary. How many terrorist cells are there. Does Homeland Security have a handle on this?
    I hate the cowardly acts of the terrorists. They have scored enough victims to convince me that everybody must pay more attention to what is happening around them. More hidden video cams before and during special events that draw large numbers. I’m afraid that there will be more incidents because our Government is not educating Americans on what to do and how to act.
    Their stand is almost 90% reactive instead of being 60% proactive. We must know about these events instead of just doing mop up after the crimes against all humanity. May all terrorist know the Angel of Death and rot in Hell.

  2. rexoffender says:

    When you write of soldiers who violently murder, I presume you are talking about those relatively few scenarios in war where killing and murdering can and should be distinguished. There is such a thing as a war crime, but war – which by necessity often entails the wholesale slaughter of human life – is not itself a crime, at least not one that the soldiers themselves have committed. To use the phrase “plague of innocent death at the hands of the US military” deflects blame away from the policy makers who actually are responsible for the wars and from the fool voters who suffer them to a uniquely well-intentioned portion of the population that chose to serve their country.

    • Lol, the sad thing is, she buys all the MSM bullshit that this was an act of terrorism rather than an Inside Job False flag op whether from being naive or being a coopted opposition actually covering up the event

      • also, any war killings when you know the pretext for war is a bunch of bull is state sanctioned terrorism- the American myths, they are all cons to get you to go kill innocent ppl for rich ppl and mostly chosen ppl\

  3. QuotingIslam says:

    Carey Wedler isn’t attacking Obama from the right, she’s attacking him from the left. She feels that he hasn’t done enough to surrender to terrorists.

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