So Now It’s a “Missile Crisis”

At least according to US Secretary of State John Kerry.

And it can only be resolved by the North Korean regime giving up its atomic/nuclear weapons.

No word on Kerry’s regime giving up its own arsenal, of course.

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One Response to So Now It’s a “Missile Crisis”

  1. TheAZCowBoy says:

    I guess Gaddaffi’s turning in his 6-shooters over to the UNITED SNAKES (US/Israel/NATO) and then having them murder him in cold blood (including his grandchildren and family members) by ‘hoodlum’ NATO comander Rasmussen, has been a great experience for the little pudgy guy that owns a 50 caliber ‘elephant gun’ up in Korea ‘Del Norte’ huh folks? Let us not forget that the US massacred several million North Koreans in the 1950’s (28% of the nations population) and destroyed ‘every’ major city (78) as US war criminals Generals Curtis LeMay and Douglas McArthur went ‘genocidal’ against an impotent agarian society with hardly any military when compared to the victorious US that has just vanquished two great enemies of the world. in his ‘Great Wars’ with Germany and Japan, it’s no wonder that North Korea has ‘armed itself to the teeth’ with ‘Nuke’s & Missiles’ because of the constant threats of intimidation and the constant ‘war games and threats the Great Satan plays with his ‘in your face’ war games in disputed waters along the North Korean coastline.

    What is surprising is that after playing the ‘Big bad wolf’ and making many demands that Kimmie baby ‘pull down his drawers’ and bring the ‘vasaline’ too, has only served to inbolden Kimmie baby and the million-plus-plus North Korean military and now ‘sissy’ Kerry backs off and promises to show the sweeter kinder side of himself to Kimmie. (like he gives a caca). Of course, with Kimmie acting like a ‘Tasmanian Devil’ on steroids, the Great Satan doesn’t want to ‘mess with Junior’ anymore and is now demanding that China give the Great Satan respite by ‘helping him to de-nuclearize North Korea. Trouble is the Great Satan is ‘also’ asking for a bitch (((slapping))) from China himself by throwing his weight around SE Asia and trying to intimidate China which has ruled this region for 5,000 years. I mean. what if China (2050) went into the Carribean and promised to liberate Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua from 200+ years of US terrorism and the constant bullying of these tiny impotent countries – What would the Great Satan say and do – ‘with the shoe on the other foot, huh?”

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