Bill Kauffman’s “Copperhead” movie trailer released

From the screenplay of author (and co-editor of Come Home America) Bill Kauffman, comes the major motion picture Copperhead, a drama set in the Civil War.

Abner Beech, a stubborn and righteous farmer of Upstate New York, defies his neighbors and exercises his right to freedom of speech. But in a time when families are divided by the war, the far away battlefields can be felt much closer to home than once believed.

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One Response to Bill Kauffman’s “Copperhead” movie trailer released

  1. John Lofton says:

    How about sending me review copy of this movie? To me at: 16111 Jerald Road, Laurel, Maryland 20707. Thanks. God bless you all.


    For more than 40 years John Lofton has covered national politics and cultural/religious issues as a journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist, TV-radio commentator/analyst and political advisor.

    —-Editor, “Monday,” the weekly, national publication of the Republican National Committee, 1970-73
— Nationally-syndicated columnist for “United Features” Syndicate in more than 100 papers nationwide, 1973-80.

    — Editor, “Battleline,” monthly newsletter of The American Conservative Union, 1977-80.
— Editor, “Conservative Digest” magazine, 1980-82.
    — Columnist, “The Washington Times” newspaper, 1982-89.

    — Program-host/commentator, “America’s Voice,” a national cable TV network in all 50 states, 1998-99.

    — A commentator on the “Mutual Radio Network;”
— An advisor to the Presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan;
— Author of a monthly column on the Federal bureaucracy for Howard Phillips’ “Conservative Caucus.”
— Editor,

    — Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution.
— Wrote column 11 years, for theological mentor, Dr. RJ Rushdoony.

    — Has written articles for the NRA magazine “America’s First Freedom”; Gun Owners Of America, Human Events, World Net Daily, National Review. 

    — Blogger, “Christian Post” website.

    John Lofton has given numerous speeches before various groups, Liberal and Conservative, including Liberty University/Bob Jones University. He has appeared on every major TV/radio talk show (including the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show”/“Politically Incorrect”) to debate every imaginable kind of anti-Christian goofball — and some who are unimaginable but who do, alas, exist. And he never went to college which is why he is so smart. He can be reached at: Email:

    Note, lest I be misunderstood: Being a Republican is not a disease; it is a choice – a very bad choice, but a choice nonetheless.

    “Accursed is that peace of which revolt from God is the bond, and blessed are those contentions by which it is necessary to maintain the kingdom of Christ.” — John Calvin.

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