Legal Murder

by Brandon Copeland

What is life? Life, defined by many sources, is an inalieble right given to man by God, while others refer to it as a wonderful journey, beginning at conception, by which one hopes to travel for many years and arrive at a glorious ending from natural causes. Even the life of plants and animals are deemed significantly valuable, for they are protected by federal regulations; from the flowers providing beautiful artistry, to the trees that provide our planet with the essential gas needed by man to breathe, form the Giant Panda, to the smallest animal on the endangered list; life is, perhaps, our most precious component of existence.

From the legislation passed to protect our environment from aspects such as pollution to preserve our atmosphere, to organizations that thrive to protect our water sources and the life therein, and even regulations on garbage disposal, preserving land quality and natural artistry, life is seemingly protected on every level and placed above all things in existence. Our government passes several laws to insure the enduring existence of the life of man, plants, and animals. Even the life of the unborn embryo is much argued over, if we are ignoring our moral responsibility to protect life if we abort unborn children.

Breaking of these laws carry some raucous consequences varying from extensive fines to execution. The most heinous of these the crimes that violate the right of life, is murder.

Its consequences are usually a life sentence in a federal penitentiary or camp, or death that is government induced, yet illegal for the common citizen.

Murder, deemed so harsh and despicable, has some other purposes. It is a consequence for attacking a nation, group of nationalist, and for offending a vast and powerful religious belief: then, somehow, from lack of ethos, murder becomes legal.

In a common setting, if one were to ride by your house and fire several rounds at it, according to civil law you should call the proper authorities, let them conduct investigations, then arrest and charge the culprits accordingly. But if, a terrorist group, or military, attacks one’s nation and its inhabitants, the counter action is a government declared mass murder of the attackers that we call war. And it is carried by government trained assassins, that we call soldiers. Although the soldiers are trained to kill in the name of, “justice”, justice is not always the reason this action is taken. Soldiers are trained to kill the “enemy” so to uphold the dignity, pride, and security of a nation believing this to be a peace making mechanism, but this action is nothing more than a violent massacure.

Although its landscape justified, it is murder nonetheless, and immencely immoral. Profound culmination surmises an organized and legal massacre, with devastations from economic and emotional woes, but also the blood shed of thousands, both militant and civilian.

Why is this murder legal for a ruling power and not for the common man?

The answer to this question is a simple word that can yield very corrupt alterior motives; incentive. Attacks don’t just happen without reason. One may portray war is for dignity, justice, and security, but behind these smoke screens burns a sweltering fire fueled by many deadly facets causing the impetuous death of many. These facets include greed, political influence, and ego.

Life, the precious element that we so amply cherish, long aim to preserve, and defend on all levels through unyielding legislation and moral, is stripped from humanity when the deadly facets override good ethos, and concern for humanity, yielding actions equivalent to everyday murders that occur in stricken communities, during some domestic disputes, and all the several stations of life. Now taken away and justified by a governing body, life means nothing. And the “assassins” hired for this task, that we call soldiers, that are compensated and drenched in benefits to execute these massacres once they have been methodized and declared permissible, suffer from many lasting cognitive conditions such as; Post Traumatic Syndrome, Shellshock, Combat Stress reaction, and many more unstable mental conditions that not only affect them, but those around them as well.

War has been the cause of suicides among some veterans, violence in their homes, and is bonded to emotional and mental disorders. These innocent minds, being unaware that the dignity and justice upheld could be rooted in the deadly facets of those that govern, is now a museum of death and trauma that affects them the rest of their life.

Not to forget, the many innocent civilians that are killed during these attacks; the children that are left motherless, the families that are left homeless, the city and all sentiments therein destroyed, the history that is lost, among many more things that are lost in war.

Think if one attacked our home because of the actions of our government. Imagine that you and your children are now without a city to live in and must find means of survival, in a city that is now but rubble among the land. Imagine doing this with the burden of losing your youngest child during the explosion. There is no body to recover and bury for the blast’s flames consumed their tiny body.

You and your family are mourning a devastating loss of a life, home, basic needs, history, and livelihood; all this, while explosions constantly surround you. You run to take cover anywhere you can, not knowing which explosion will be the one to kill you and your remaining family. As you run to take cover, you constantly trip over body…parts, that have been dismembered, some of which you know.  These are the realities of war.

An innocent mind is tainted, land is violently conquered, and many are left dead and homeless. And the emaciated belly, nourished by the deadly facets of the governing body, is sumptuously filled.

Examining today’s social condition, and absorbing this logic, it is empirical that this unjust justice has not done much more than stabilize mankind’s cycle of unending violence, segregation and senseless bloodshed, not fulfilling its intended “purpose”; peace. It has now come time for those that govern, as well as those that are governed, to bring new philosophy of peace keeping, creating a less violent policy of retaliation, and a higher love for human life for those that are attacked, and those that do the attacking.

Preservation of land, life, and liberty should be our main focus on reforming our country and our world. Let it now be known that we should make peace on all levels of life through the ethos exercised on the most common of levels.

Lest we destroy ourselves through legal murder.


Brandon CopelandFrom being born in the two traffic-light Town deep in South Georgia in Damascus to the urban area of Columbus, Georgia, Brandon Copeland has emerged as a spiritual writer, songwriter, and inspirational messenger. Through fire, flood, storm, and rain, this 27 year-old father of three is sharing some of his great insights with you.

In his youth, he was the winner of several fine arts competitions, oratorical contest, and landed leading roles in several stage plays. Brandon enjoys reading, sports, and is dedicated to family time. His writing strengths significantly reflect awareness, elegance, creativity, and moral fiber.

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2 Responses to Legal Murder

  1. eltwelve says:

    very well written piece about peace. It is so important that we realize the strength and meaning of the words we use. Yes the government can pretty well justify war and we the people don’t really believe the justification, that is why we are angry because we are not living our true selves and standing up to some of this unjustified murder. thanks

  2. Inyan~Wicasa~Waste` says:

    As a warrior my past seven lives so that my people can live in peace was for some good & bad Masters, but in this Life my masters, LBJ & sod mcnamara wanna me to fight with one fucken hand tied behind my back against commies NVA…..I said no to the fucken masters after two tours of duty and came home to calls of “baby killer” by my younger brothers/sisters on a college campus…, I wanna to kill them these fucken anti-war, draft-dodging college-coward amerikans.
    The problem today is lessons not learned by christians, jewish, and muslim masters ready to go to war this Summer with nuclear weapons after last nuclear war over India a few 100,000 years ago by ancient aliens fighting over control of land mass and humans on our Earth Mother…..
    It all depends on who is Master of your beliefs. My choice in this Life was me.

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