On The Political Process

One of the reasons I accepted the invitation to start blogging at Come Home America, is that I believe in the goal of uniting people from a wide variety of perspectives, left and right, deist and atheist etc. behind the anti-War banner.

That being said, I’m not about to pull any punches regarding my own thoughts and ideas. So, I think there is way too much emphasis placed on the political process to solve the pressing issues of our day. The warfare/welfare state is certainly such an issue.

In the best case scenario, let’s pretend an anti-War coalition gains a majority in the House and Senate, and wins the White House. As is always the case, after an election cycle or two, the pendulum of public opinion will inevitably swing back the other way, and our make-believe anti-war coalition loses its majority. Now those elected officials fall prey to the same system their colleagues exist in. The priority becomes regaining, or holding on to those positions. The message, the platform, the ideology, or whatever else you want to call it gets subverted in the name of making compromises to hold on to those precious offices.

Sure, there are a few elected officials who have successfully held on to their seats while maintaining consistent antiwar platforms. But how effective have the Ron Pauls or the Dennis Kucinichs of the world been against the warfare leviathan?

I submit that people like this have waged noble campaigns, the war machine hasn’t been noticeably slowed. This is where I put on my anarcho-capitalist hat. I submit ultimately, the solution is going to come through peacefully making the warfare/welfare state irrelevant in our own lives.

I get it. That’s not a very practical solution you say, and you’re probably right. My point is that the war machine feeds on creating problems in our everyday lives, and then proposing its own solutions, backed up by a constant stream of propaganda to maintain the illusion of public support.

We’ve all heard the lies: “protect our freedom and the American way of life”, “extend the debt ceiling to make our economy grow”, “they started it”… the list of reasons just goes on and on. Turning to the political process to end war makes about as much sense to me as turning to water to end moisture.

There is no single man or woman, no party, no group or other organization who can take over government and thereby make it stop acting in its nature. Let me be clear. Even in the minarchist vision of the authors of the Constitution, war is always an option.

I challenge you to seek out ways to make the state irrelevant in your life.  Do I advocate doing anything that would land you in jail? No! Absolutely not. I don’t think you or I can do any good for anyone while locked in a cage.  In addition, each person has to decide for themselves, how much hardship they are willing to allow into their own lives in the pursuit of liberty.  I have great admiration for those activists who are going out and intentionally getting themselves arrested on a daily basis.  These are brave people.  That is not my course.  If it’s your course, great.  If not…


About Brian Singer

I've worn many different hats over the course of my life. It's my intention to explore throughout this podcast how all those hats have lead me to be the person that I am today, an anarcho-capitalist, gun-toting Jew who occasionally gets inspired in the kitchen and is most comfortable around nerds of any persuasion.
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