Rebranding Thanksgiving

I’ve seen several PSAs, statements, other public media references in the last few days claiming that Thanksgiving is about celebrating our freedom. Is it me, or is this an intentional effort at rebranding the holiday? It used to be, in my experience at least, that Thanksgiving was about just that, an occasion set aside to give thanks for whatever it was that people were thankful for.

So where did giving thanks for our freedom come from? I submit that this is an entirely artificial propaganda campaign. Does the warfare state not have enough holidays set aside for its own worship? Are Independence Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day (yes, that’s one too) and President’s Day not enough?

Surely, in a world where the TSA gropes your ten year old daughter prior to her flight to visit grandma while Bradley Manning has sat for well over 900 days without a trial in Federal prison, where the Patriot Act authorizes monitoring of your bank accounts and the books you check out at the local library, and the most recent National Defense Authorization Act allows for you to be picked up and detained indefinitely without trial, there is little or no freedom to celebrate.

I’m at a loss to explain where this push to rebrand my favorite holiday comes from. I would love to hear from those with insight into the matter.


About Brian Singer

I've worn many different hats over the course of my life. It's my intention to explore throughout this podcast how all those hats have lead me to be the person that I am today, an anarcho-capitalist, gun-toting Jew who occasionally gets inspired in the kitchen and is most comfortable around nerds of any persuasion.
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5 Responses to Rebranding Thanksgiving

  1. sandbrownskin says:

    Meet the “New Normal” All military related activities, like a college basketball game aboard an aircraft carrier, in most tv dramas, sitcoms, soaps, now there are military actors…TV brainwashing for the American people. Get used to it. ALL WAR- ALL THE TIME!

  2. Brian Singer says:

    sandbrownskin: You’re absolutely correct. It’s so depressing.

  3. poinciana2012 says:

    Reblogged this on #opManning.

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