September: #Drones Protests and Resistance Activity Accelerates Nationwide

From Joe Scarry’s No Drones Network

 ILLINOIS – Occupy Obama drew attention to Barack Obama’s drone victims with a funeral procession in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), which ended up at Obama 2012 Campaign HQ. (Coffins were marked “hope” and “change.”)

Anti-drone activity has continued around the country in recent weeks — see descriptions below. (In addition, see the links at right for updates from other locations.)

NORTH CAROLINA – The Democratic National Convention (DNC) drew to a close, but the NOrth Carolina protests against the Democratic administration’s drone killings continue.

CALIFORNIA – The City of Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission finalized “no drone zone” language to send to the full City Council for a vote. Consideration will likely be scheduled for November.

MISSOURIA federal judge found drones resisters guilty of trespass . . . and meanwhile U.S. war crimes continue.

OHIO – During it’s tour of Ohio, the Know Drones tour put pressure on Ohio Rep. Michael Turner to Stop the Drones! This effort gained the attention of anti-drones groups around the country and was a heavily viewed web page.

Please send links to news of other drones protests around the country to Joe Scarry — jtscarry [at] .

(See additional updates from the August/September period.)

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