Suggestions for Follow-up Actions on Syria

By Brian Cantin

The next step in opposing the Syrian intervention is to identify public
forums where we can present the message. The following is a list of
suggestions: the good, the bad, and the ugly.


San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice(SPN4P&J) ran a discussion on
the issues related to the Syrian intervention. We could do a discussion
group that includes the larger SPN4P&J community, and other LA local
peace groups.


Somebody mentioned that we should present on Syria to neighborhood
councils. Then, we could try to push an anti-intervention proposal up to
the city council. There is no chance we could get such a proposal
through the Democratic dominated city machine in an election year.

However, if there is any kind of an audience for these councils, showing
up and giving a presentation might be worth the effort just to talk to
the public.

Somebody who regularly attends the neighborhood councils reports that
only about five people show up to most of these meetings. Consequently,
neighborhood councils are not an effective means of reaching the public.


The Turkish government has been funneling arms to the Syrian opposition,
and generally acting in aggressive manner toward Syria. The idea is to
picket the Turkish embassy.  I think we should do this one after we meet
with local peace activists. That way, we could first raise awareness on
the issues related to the Syrian intervention. Then, people would be
primed for the protest.


There are a wealth of online forums that discuss politics or foreign
policy. I have only posted on a limited number of these forums. The idea
is to post on Syria in a large number of forums, and then keep track of
which forums appear to be most effective.

Most of these forums have some sort of formal or informal merit system
for posters. Thus, you can’t just barge in, post something, and expect
that the members will pay much attention to what you say. So, some of
these forums may be a long term project.
Requires registration for posting. Has a sub-group on war.
Has a chat room for liberals only.
The round table has a sub-group on the Middle East.
Has a world affairs board.
Has several sub-forums that could be applicable.
Has forums on war, and on the Middle East.
Has forums on the Middle East, and on warfare.
Has a forum on the Middle East.
Reddit has a whole bunch of political forums. The main problem is
figuring out which one you want to inhabit.
The board has a sub-group called “Don’t Mention the War!”.  I posted the
Syrian issues list to this board on 7/22/12.


Make up signs for peace vigils or demonstrations that are specifically
directed toward Syria(e.g., NO SYRIAN INTERVENTION).

SPN4P&J has a peace vigil every Friday night 5pm-7pm at 1st and Gaffey
in San Pedro. SPN4P&J should revise its signs to emphasize Syrian
issues. Other peace groups also run regular demonstrations, and could
take similar measures.


We could contact KPFK arrange to produce a program for the station that
deals with issues related to the Syrian intervention.

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