A View from Down Under: On Syria

By George Ikners

It seems clear that the present killing and destruction in Syria has several causes. It also seems clear that it is very much a Syrian affair and really always was a civil war. But thanks to the unhelpful intervention of the US, NATO and other countries there is now an availability of arms to what is described as the opposition or revolutionaries against Assad. It is really only the veto of Russia and China that has stopped an armed UN type intervention.

Of course the US with typical messianic zeal is beating the war drums but the elections there have put a halt to the US killing machine, albeit for a short period of time. At the moment the US has at least 700 and probably more like 1,000 bases around the world. Some are so huge people in them say that apart from the Great Wall of China the base is visible from outer space. With that sort of presence worldwide and with hardly a square kilometre of land untouched by US forces boots the result has in no way meant a peaceful solution to anything.

In fact we are now in the vice like grip of a military killing machine that is designed to inflict maximum civilian casualty and injury if the civilians are unlucky enough to be too close to somewhere a terrorist is supposed to be, or just in the way. The actual meaning of who is a terrorist is shrouded in mystery but at the very least it is certainly someone who does not want a US or NATO presence in their country. For all the church going nonsense the US killers talk they are not and never have been on some mission from God. The entire military from the top Generals and Admirals to the foot soldiers are the employees, tools and puppets of the elites and are only there to kill and maim so that profit continues to be extracted forever.

War is a crime, it is excused when the warrior nation says so, then the other side become the criminals. After a conflict the victors usually look to find whoever they can from the other side to punish them for their evil ways, while doing absolutely nothing to look at their own senseless killing.  -George Ikners  ikners.com

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One Response to A View from Down Under: On Syria

  1. TheAZCowBoy says:

    Making the Middle East safe for Jewish terrorism may be high on the Great Satans agenda but the Taliban has been kicking its pale white arse for so long and so often now that me thinks that the Great Satan has a complex. One that will make it hard to defeat the Syrians, Hezbollah and Hamas as AmeriKKKa’s friends are already are shrinking away from the mad dog seriel killer and genocider and the South American countries with Hugos development of Banco Sur Latina America has discovered that they ‘Don’t need los pinchis Gringos desgraciados, para nada..

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