Trigger-happy U.S. Navy blows up fishing boat in the Persian Gulf

John Glaser is reporting that the U.S. Navy has fired upon a fishing vessel in the Persian Gulf, killing an Indian fisherman and wounding three others:

The US Navy killed an Indian fisherman and wounded three others in the southern Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai on Monday, with US officials claiming the unidentified fishing boat approached the US warship.

As is always the case, these kinds of incident will become more prevalent as time goes on–further proof of what usually happens when men with guns encounter people without them.


About Jayel Aheram

Jayel Aheram is a writer, activist, Iraq War and Marine veteran, internationally-published photographer, artist, polymath, etc. Aheram writes about foreign policy, antiwar issues, and the police state at Young Americans for Liberty. He is a longtime political blogger at RedStateEclectic and appears on television as contributor to the international newscast RT International. Aheram is the former editor-in-chief of the student newspaper The Chaparral, and founder and former station manager of KCOD Radio and Television.
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