People Against NDAA-Unite!

by Dan Johnson of PANDA.

We the People stood up to fight the indefinite detention of American Citizens without charge or trial as authorized in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. Since then we have focused all of our efforts on building a network of liberty throughout the nation.

On June 1st, the largest anti NDAA organization, PANDA, mobilized in over 25 states across the nation. This showed that We the People will not stand idly by and watch as our country is torn apart by unconstitutional legislation, tyrannical government, and the swift slide towards an American Police State.

It is now time for our first major action. The Wood County, OH Sheriff, Mark Wasylyshyn, has been presented with a resolution on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The resolution, if signed, would prohibit anyone in his office from complying with the federal government and enforcing the NDAA. It would also require the Sheriff to interfere if the Federal government attempted to enforce the NDAA on its own terms.

The Sheriff has referred the resolution, however, to his legal counsel. Mr. Wasylyshyn said “because I am not a lawyer, you’ll have to talk to the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney. I will listen to whatever he says.”

We have now given the resolution to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Secretary, and the Attorney will deliver his verdict on June 22, 2012. It is critical that we act now. Every time this article and information is shared, every email, every letter and every phone call directed at these officials helps stop the NDAA. We are bringing the sword of “We the People” to stand with them if they side with liberty, and the hammer of the electorate to kick them out of office if they fail. We are showing the world that the American People are still the ruling party of their government! We are stopping the NDAA, one county at a time.

It only took 2% of Americans to win the Revolutionary War. It will only take the same to take back our country.

Act now! Contact the Wood County Sheriff and the Prosecutor here:

People Against NDAA-Unite!

Join the Movement:

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