Out of Afghanistan: Now! We lost!

by Daniel Riehl

No matter how you cut it, we lost the war a long time ago.  The world’s richest and most powerful country fighting one of the poorest countries in the world for 11 years and we lost the war.  Let’s get out.  Now!

Most of the country is under the control of the Taliban not the Karzai government.  We lost most of the country to the Taliban.

The Karzai government is too corrupt to bring peace to that country.  We lost the Afghan government to tyrannical warlords.

Two thousand American soldiers lost their lives there and thousands more were wounded.  We lost precious American lives and lost the limbs eyes, even genitals, brains, and mental health of tens of thousands more.

We have made thousands of Afghans very angry at us because of the night raids in houses of innocent people and our drone attacks which struck wedding parties and mourners at funerals and we disrespected their beliefs by burning Korans, collecting body parts for trophies and peeing on their corpses.  We lost the respect and support of the Afghan people and turned them into our enemies.

We have spent half a trillion dollars in Afghanistan.  We lost that money and with it the means to support the homeless, the unemployed and to educate the uneducated and to build up the infrastructure in our own country.

We have tortured innocent Afghans in prisons in their own country.  We lost the respect of all decent and justice-loving human beings, especially in the Muslim world and we lost our innocence before a just court of international law as well as before almighty God.

We have trained Afghans to provide security for their own country and they have turned against the American trainers with guns supplied by us and killed them.  We lost our ability to provide any security for the citizens of that country.

We lost!  Bring all our troops home now!  Every single one!  Bring all the military contractors home!  Every single one!

Let’s get out now and give peace a chance in that country.  To obtain any semblance of peace in Afghanistan, it would be easier for them and for us if we would remove all troops, guns, bullets, drones and implements of war from their national territory.

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