Memorial Day Is A Time To Mourn the Dead … Let’s Not Glorify War

Bombers flew over the Atlantic, as we watched from the shore. Jet fighters dove through the sky above us. The veteran standing beside me trembled, as the ear-piercing sound of the planes overhead evoked an agonizing memory of war.

The vet was a member of the Long Island Chapter of Veterans for Peace. He and I were among the sixty peace activists who attended Saturday’s Memorial Day Air Show at Jones Beach. Our gathering was organized by Pax Christi Long Island. Members of numerous Long Island peace and justice organizations participated, including Code Pink LI, North Country Peace Group, South Country Peace Group, LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, and the Suffolk Peace Network.

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About Darren Wolfe

Darren Wolfe is the Philadelphia area contact for Come Home America Our purpose is to have a peace movement that welcomes people of all ideologies, creeds, and beliefs. One that makes everyone feel not only comfortable but a part of the movement. No one should feel that they are endorsing someone else's political agenda when standing up for peace. To this end we have only one focus: ending the wars abroad.
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4 Responses to Memorial Day Is A Time To Mourn the Dead … Let’s Not Glorify War

  1. Darren- Thanks for re-posting and linking. I am glad to learn of your site. -Bob for Peace and Justice Online

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