A Mistaken Case for Syrian Regime Change #NoWarSyria

The situation in Syria remains very unclear. While scores of Syrians have been killed, the actual death toll and the perpetrators of these heinous acts is being more and more called into question. One thing is crystal clear, however: any humanitarian action in Syria by the West and GCC will be for strictly geopolitical reasons with humanitarianism being a mere afterthought.

By Aisling Byrne of the Asia Times

“War with Iran is already here,” wrote a leading Israeli commentator recently, describing “the combination of covert warfare and international pressure” being applied to Iran.

Although not mentioned, the “strategic prize” of the first stage of this war on Iran is Syria; the first campaign in a much wider sectarian power-bid. “Other than the collapse of the Islamic Republic itself,” Saudi King Abdullah was reported to have said last summer, “nothing would weaken Iran more than losing Syria.” [1]

By December, senior United States officials were explicit about their regime change agenda for Syria: Tom Donilon, the US National Security Adviser, explained that the “end of the [President Bashar al-]Assad regime would constitute Iran’s greatest setback in the region yet – a strategic blow that will further shift the balance of power in the region against Iran.”

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