Letting Your Friends Know About #NoIranWar

Peace activist Richard Greve suggest the simple text below to mail to your lists:



Check the sites above to see if there is a protest in your city against war with Iran on Saturday, Feb 4th, a national day of action.  There are now 48 cities across the country planning protests.  The last thing this country or the world needs is another war.  It is up to us, US citizens, to stop our government from launching, or joining in, a war of aggression against another nation that has done us no harm.

We were misled into the war in Iraq, that took eight years, hundreds of thousands of lives, and a trillion dollars that could have been spent on things our nation needs.  Let’s not let our government do it again.

Most likely, our mainstream media will ignore these protests, which it usually does when the antiwar movement has protests, but these protests will be taking place.  The vast majority of Americans have had enough of our government’s wars and threats of war, both of which are violations of International Law.

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