The Marine Urination Incident

Arthur Silber is confused. Why are so many outraged over four Marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers when full fledged war crimes, such as the invasion of Iraq, are praised and debated by the policy and media elite?

But Americans live in the cocoon of the myths that are reinforced every day by almost every voice in the media, and by the majority of “ordinary” Americans themselves. Videos like the current one threaten those myths, and they throw into question our cherished belief that we are “good” and uniquely so. [Urinating] on dead bodies is not an image that can be reconciled with our desperate self-flattery, with our unquestioned and unquestionable belief that we are inherently superior to all other peoples and entitled to our way in everything, in all corners of the world. So it must be explained, and minimized, and excused. When it is condemned, it is condemned as an outlier, an extraordinary event that is “not consistent with our core values.”

Read the whole thing here.

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3 Responses to The Marine Urination Incident

  1. Why is it that Obama is given a pass on his war crimes. He did not have the legal authorization to wage war on Libya. Obama ordered the bombing of a sovereign state that murdered thousands of civilians. Lets call a spade a spade shall we!

  2. Arthur Silber You are so correct….. symbology hardly compares to the real thing…. killing , murdering is a much more important subject than insulting a dead body ( is that possible ? ) 99guspuppet

  3. Jack Smith says:

    The Urination Episode is a sad commentary on the disrespect our soldiers have for enemy soldiers BUT it also indicates a lack of respect for the Leaders that continue the war. While Obama may publicly condemn the urination, honest review may show his actions are a contributing factor to the soldiers action.

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