Christmas Peace Mass in Zuccotti Park

Here’s a message from Christian peace activist Jay Janson:

There will be a Christmas mass in Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall St. movement (and renamed to ‘Liberty Park’ by the Occupiers), from midnight Christmas eve all through Christmas day. Keeping in the spirit of OWS’s tolerance of different faiths,  the mass will be open to all but will be Christian oriented.

The 24-hour long mass will feature Americans who worked to achieve peace in the tradition of Jesus Christ, using love and non-violence to fight against wars waged upon small nations by the United States.

There will be large banners of Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, the founder of the pacifist Catholic Worker’s Movement, and Jesus. At noontime, King’s world shaking sermon of anguished conscience, “Beyond Vietnam–A Time to Break Silence,” will be read by representatives of the King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign. In the tradition of OWS, King’s speech will be recited by all participants using what has become famously known as the “Mic Check.”

Afterwards, a trumpet blast will signal the beginning of Christmas Carols to celebrate the Prince of Peace and his message of peace on Earth. Other events will follow.

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