Korean Traitor US Stooge UN ‘Terror Council’ Sec. Gen. in Somalia

by Jay Janson

U.N. Chief Pays Surprise Visit to Somalia NY Times, 12/9/11

MOGADISHU, Somalia, 12/9/11 — “Ban Ki-moon became the first United Nations secretary general to set foot in this war-ravaged country in almost 20 years on Friday… Mr. Ban’s team kept this trip a closely held secret until the last minute. The last time a United Nations secretary general traveled here was in 1993, when a visit by Boutros Boutros-Ghali set off menacing street protests.”

Small wonder. The UN Security Council has as usual taken over the job of implementing US foreign policy where inconvenient for American white faces to be seen doing it with boots on the ground below their faceless drones lazy in the Somali sky.

“Dressed in a black flak jacket with ‘United Nations’ stamped across his chest, Mr. Ban met with leaders from Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government, a weak, divided and thoroughly unpopular entity that the United Nations has been trying to prop up.”

No problem for the NY Times reporter to admit that evil is being supervised by the UN, employing troops from an African Union made up of a gran majority of governments that represent EU and American investors interests, to help with the dirtiest work. The public at home has long been prepared to accept what ever evil America does, like having people killed in their very own countries, as righteous goodness combating some much greater evil – In this case the possibility of an Somali Islamic government.

In the case of Ban Ki-Moon’s own country, the UN flag flying over an American invasion and murder of a few million Koreans in Korea, often in their own villages and homes, the greater evil for US, and its servile UN, was a triumphal communist government of Korea.

Ban Ki-moon is happy to describe the case of UN war in his homeland in the same glowing terms he describes UN armed intervention in Somalia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjOsZa1qNCw
UNTV recently filmed Ban Ki-moon thanking US Armed Forces Veterans for saving his country [not for invading his recently united homeland, and putting to death millions of his countrymen – not for the US cutting Korea in two four years earlier, and importing a savage dictator from Washington, hated to this day for having had his police and special forces massacre nearly two hundred thousand protesting socialist and union member men and women, often along with their children in the years before the North’s invasion (now fully documented) – and Mr. Ban would not have thanked America’s Wall Street for earlier having had Presidents T. Roosevelt and Wilson (officially) give Korea to Japan as recognized Japanese territory for a brutal occupation of forty years.]

The General Secretary arrived in Somalia fresh from the UN-US-NATO re-conquest of Libya and assassination of the its revolutionary leader and Chairman of the African Union – another praising smaller evil over a designated greater one.

“We are now at a critical juncture — a moment of fresh opportunities for the future of Somali people,” Mr. Ban said. But, he warned, “We have a very limited window of opportunity.”

A cryptic statement! Why is opportunity so limited at a time when American allies Kenya and Ethiopia have invaded to attack the same Somalis the African Union troops and American drones have been attacking. Ever smiling Ban never speaks but in painstakingly slow-spoken platitudes that echo American foreign policy, be it regarding Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, North Korea, or suspicions of Iran’s nuclear program.

After years of supporting war lords government acceptable to Wall Street, and intervention war to remove a conservative Islamic Courts government that had been established and welcomed in all Somalia except for the foreign defended capital, Mogadishu, the West finds itself fighting the radicalized Shabab or Movement of Striving Youth.

Ban Ki-moon came to show support for African Union Peacekeepers engaged in killing a sufficient number of Somalia’s dedicated youths opposing continued domination of their nation by the West and its ruling Wall Street.

Muammar Gaddafi was applauded, especially, by men and women of the formerly physically enslaved, now economically neo-colonized, majority of Mankind, when he said in his address to the UN General Assembly that the UN Security Council should be called the UN Terror Council brutally enforcing the same old colonial system during the sixty-five wars since its creation.


Some of the human crises when UN Peacekeepers were carefully kept out of the way


No Security Council military intervention
when a million people were massacred in Ruanda
when CIA was arranging the slaughter of half a million communists in Indonesia,
when the East Timor was invaded and thousands massacred,
when CIA and Saudi and Pakistan allies secret services were arming, training and funding civil war attack on a popular women liberating Kabul government,
when Israel invaded Lebanon, with horrific civilian casualties,
when white governed South Africa invaded Angola,
when Britain made bloody war on Argentina,
when Israel bombed for weeks murdering 600 children in its captive and cordoned off Gaza,
when Iraq supported by the US invaded Iran over eight years.
when now CIA and its five Middle East branches (British M16, Israeli Mossad, French DGSE and Turkish MIT) are working violence and murder inside Syria (as they did earlier in wealthy Libya.)

Just so did the League of Nations did not interfere with Fascist Italy conquering Africa and with Nazi Germany bombing Spain. But fourteen capitalist nations immediately sent many armies into Russia to overthrow a new Union of Soviets government after a peaceful revolution in a country suffering starvation during a war between European empires over African colonies.

Interventions are arranged when the overseas unjust predatory investments of Wall Street, or what is now repeatedly referred to as the ‘international community of nations’ are threatened or inhibited.

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