U.S. “withdrawing” from Iraq to Kuwait

Whether you want to call it a withdrawal or exit from Iraq, U.S. troops will still have a strong presence in Kuwait next door.  Because, you never know, but Iraq could still need our help and we could impose ourselves again through another military presence in Iraq just in case things go crazy there once the U.S. “withdraws” from the country.

U.S Central Command is planning to keep several battalions of troops in Kuwait to keep the possibility of re-entering Iraq, if necessary, and to keep its military and geopolitical influence intact in the Middle East. Also, the remaining military presence is to counter Iran’s growing regional influence as well.

So, when President Obama said earlier that all troops leaving Iraq would be home by Christmas, he wasn’t telling the truth, as most politicians don’t.  Instead, many U.S. troops will be celebrating the holidays far and away from their families this year in the dusty sand dunes of Kuwait.

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