Moving Beyond the Yellow Ribbons and Flag Waving

Kelley Vlahos writes in response to the controversy regarding mishandled remains of veterans:

Kind of makes the yellow ribbon-support-your-troops bumper stickers seem awfully superficial and well, condescending. Because, really, what does it mean? Any real public outrage for the aforementioned scandals was fleeting if not ultimately peripheral to the real news of the day, which was — and still is — that the American president, his administration and the national security establishment, is going to keep the country at war, using as many of its young men and women as cannon fodder, for as long as they damn well please. “Fleeting outrage” doesn’t move policy or break political careers. That is why it is 2011 and there are still more than 100,000 servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read the rest of Moving Beyond the Yellow Ribbons and Flag Waving at the American Conservative.

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