More Come Home America in the News

From, ‘Occupy Coachella Valley’ Protest Grows To Third Day.

Others signs said that “war is taxing” and that “endless war equals endless debt.”

“I am the co-organizer of Come Home America, which is a non-partisan coalition of anti-war protests,” said Brendan Helliwell, who is from Indio.

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama announced a summer 2012 withdrawal of the 33,000 troops he surged into Afghanistan in 2009.

The president said that 70,000 will remain, but all combat troops will leave by 2014.

On Friday, Obama also announced that by the end of this year, the “American combat mission in Iraq has ended. Operation Iraqi Freedom is over.”

Still, Helliwell was not satisfied.

He also said that corporations, especially the banks who received bailouts in 2008, have too much power in American politics.

“There’s not even the semblance of Democracy,” he said. “I’m against corporations — I’m not against free market.”

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One Response to More Come Home America in the News

  1. Jack smith says:

    There is nothing short of a non military solution that exits all soldiers including the mercenaries. An apology to all nations we have attacked would be appropriate. We must and US military presence in the world. we are an embarrassment to our once proudly nation. I would expect nothing less from a presidential candidate.

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