US Troops to Leave Iraq, Expensive Mercenaries to Stay

The ABC news headline reads:

Obama Announces Complete Drawdown of U.S. Troops From Iraq by Year’s End

Is it time to put away our signs and stop protesting the war? Unfortunately not. Deeper in the article we read, “About 4,000-5,000 security contractors will remain in Iraq, the White House said.”  In other words the US presence will continue into next year. So will our protests.

About Darren Wolfe

Darren Wolfe is the Philadelphia area contact for Come Home America Our purpose is to have a peace movement that welcomes people of all ideologies, creeds, and beliefs. One that makes everyone feel not only comfortable but a part of the movement. No one should feel that they are endorsing someone else's political agenda when standing up for peace. To this end we have only one focus: ending the wars abroad.
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