Qaddafi’s dead. The war was still not worth it and was illegal.

The death of Moammar Qaddafi in Libya marks an end of the dictatorship that lasted for 42 years.  However, there is nothing to celebrate here.  The major international powers, led by the United States, France, and Great Britain through NATO, perverted international institutions like the U.N. Security Council stating that their intention in Libya was to “protect civilians” from Qaddafi’s crackdown of the peaceful protests when it served as a screen to implement regime change in the country for a wide variety of reasons other than instilling some sort of illiberal democracy that is coming in Libya or maybe worse.

Today, the death of Qaddafi does create a major blow to the fledgling institution of international law among nation-states as still shows that we will have a anarchical international system, not international community, where whom has the most power, politically, militarily, and economically, can dictate the rules to the rest of the world despite official institutions like the United Nations, which are in place to try to give an even voice for every country in the world to air grievances and come to appropriate solutions in issues facing countries.  International law means nothing if the major powers can dictate or remove from power leaders from other countries without their consent and not get punished appropriately for violating laws, treaties, and regime norms and practices in the international system. This is still the law of the jungle in the international system where the strong survive and the weakest die or become pawns in the interests of the stronger powers.

This is nothing new.  We’ve seen this movie before.  In just the past 20 years, in the name of “humanitarian interventionism,” we’ve seen the United States and its Western allies engage in military action in Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Iraq to get involved in internal political conflicts in order to advance its interests and remove from power leaders that didn’t serve their national interests.  Today’s death of Qaddafi will only make the humanitarian interventionism case stronger to use in possible future conflicts.

Here is a video from the Real News explaining illegality of the conflict in Libya.




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One Response to Qaddafi’s dead. The war was still not worth it and was illegal.

  1. Frank95054 says:

    One can not help but compare the United States to Rome. Selfish, and a disdain for law were some of the components that caused the demise of Rome. In 2008, the Democratic Party achieved what the Soviet Union could never accomplish. Namely, a Coup d’tat with the installation of Obama who clearly is not Constitutionally eligible for the Office of President. Some say, that this was George Soros plan for the destruction of the United States so he can usher in his New World Order. I am not an authority on Mr. Soros or NWO conspiracies. However, it is clear that President Obama is a usurper and destructive influence in the White House. He initiated illegal combat operations in Libya. He usurped the Senate by appointing dozens of Czars to enhance his power. Obama and Holder violated Mexican sovereignty and international law with the implementation of Fast and Furious weapons programs. I could continue the list a litany of Obama’s high crimes, but the biggest story here is the lack of American anger and action to stop Obama. In my opinion, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid (to name a few) are guilty of treason. The American Military are a disgrace for having followed Obama’s illegal orders to execute war on Libya, and, now Africa. The US Military use to be an organization envied by the world for its effectiveness and high moral values. For military members to ignore their oath has subjected the country to ruin!

    My 2 cents……

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