Come Home America Added to US Peace Registry

Michael D. Knox, Ph.D. has added CHA to US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc.

From the site:

Many Americans are reluctant to speak out against a U.S. war.  There are individual reasons for this: a sense of patriotism, the need to support our troops, fear of reprisals, a lack of understanding about the political process, etc.  Unfortunately, when we do not speak up, our elected officials do not receive sufficient feedback that we (their constituents) oppose a particular war.  To demonstrate that advocating for peaceful solutions to international problems is an honorable and socially acceptable activity, the US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc.:


  1. Publishes the US Peace Registry
  2. Awards an annual Peace Prize and
  3. Will build and maintain the US Peace Memorial in Washington DC


Most monuments in our nation’s capital commemorate war. While soldiers are told that it is honorable to fight and die for one’s country, peace activists are often labeled “un-American”, “antimilitary”, and “unpatriotic.” This mentality has resulted in a country that recognizes contributions to war and the sacrifices of the military, but does not honor those who make valiant efforts to maintain global peace.

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