Get Out!

By Kevin Zeese

Defeat has in Afghanistan has been evident for quite some time. Once people did the math and realized it costs $1 million to keep one soldier in Afghanistan for a year it was obvious. How can a collapsed domestic economy afford that? We can’t even afford to keep our existing infrastructure safe nor provide the basic necessities of the American people. Afghanistan has been the graveyard of empires for a long time because of its difficult terrain. The Afghan people have honed fighting empire. The U.S. helped them perfect it when the former Soviet Union tried. As we enter the 11th year of war in Afghanistan, the question is whether U.S. leaders still have the mistaken hubris to believe that the U.S. military can place a long-term foothold in Afghanistan, i.e. long-term bases, western corporations profiting from Afghan resources. It does not look like DoD, CIA, State and the White House have faced reality and will keep driving the country over the Afghan cliff. Then the question becomes — will Afghanistan be the end of the U.S. empire as well?

For more, read David Swanson’s “US and NATO defeat in Afghanistan inevitable says Tory MP. So get out now.”

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