Fallout in the Sahara: Did the War in Libya Play into the Hands of Al Qaeda?

Again, more unintended consequences from the NATO – Libya war.  A new report according to TIME magazine, The Al Qaeda network in the Islamic Maghreb may have or may soon have access to thousands of unaccounted weapons that once was in the hands of the Qaddafi regime, along with the possibility of thousands of new potential recruits that once fought with Qaddafi.

This potential consequence could be catastrophic for the stability of North and West African states along with the rise of Al Qaeda throughout Africa.  We should have never been involved in this terrible conflict in the 1st place. Love or hate Qaddafi, he was a strong ally of the West against the Al Qaeda network and its activities.

Without Qaddafi in power and a new government in Tripoli, the rise of power and influence of Al Qaeda in North Africa can only create more difficulties and uncertainty for years to come.

To read the TIME article, click here.

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