Jay Janson: International Campaign for Awareness of King’s Condemnation of U.S. Wars

[Mr. Janson adds that we should be reflecting upon Dr. King’s words in light of Tony Bennett’s recent remarks. –Angela, CHA]

by Jay Janson

In the name of Martin Luther King, an international campaign to petition pastors of all faiths to condemn ongoing US wars in five innocent poor nations in the Middle East and one wealthy one in Africa as King would have mightily condemned them. King was murdered after fiercely condemning US wars maintaining predatory investments all around the world.


King Condemned US Wars Revival was kicked off at Riverside Church, the site of King’s world shaking sermon condemning US wars, the “unjust overseas predatory investments they are meant to maintain,” and the absurd lies that make them acceptable, with an internationally distributed petition to all pastors to lead us in King’s footsteps.

If you believe in Martin Luther King’s dream and that King rightly condemned U.S. imperialist wars, please add your support to that of former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, author of the Civil Rights Acts.

In this age of instant communication a few thousand King followers will awaken many millions to what King taught about these wars and their causes. The world wide beloved image of King will be the catalyst for people everywhere to realize their capability to make wars unacceptable.

The http://kingcondemneduswars.blogspot.com/ campaign is in memory of Howard Zinn’s radio broadcasts’ call to echo Martin Luther King’s sermon, Beyond Vietnam, a Time to Break Silence. Endorsed by Fellowship of Reconciliation, Pax Christi USA, Pastors For Peace, Veterans For Peace, Voices For Creative Non-violence, Pax Christi International

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