Pakistan Exporting Violence to Afghanistan

This posting can be filed under obvious.  Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified in the Senate Armed Services Committee that Pakistan is “exporting violence” to Afghanistan to attack U.S. and NATO forces and that the Pakistan intelligence agency, the ISI, has connections with the Haqqani Network, a network of Islamic militants led by Jalaluddin Haqqani.  This is the militant network that may be responsible for the recent terror attacks and Kabul and possibly for the assassination of former president Rabbani yesterday.

Again, this begs the question: why the hell are we still in Afghanistan after nearly 10 years?!  The relationship between the U.S. – Pakistan has been on the ropes for years now and went into full break up mode after the killing of Osama bin Laden in May.  The ISI has continuously worked against the interests of the U.S. and NATO covertly for years supporting the Al Qaeda network, the Taliban, and now, the Haqqani network.

Without any strong, overt support from the Pakistani intelligence community and the military, the U.S. and NATO will never achieve its objectives in Afghanistan beyond dismantling the base of operations for Al Qaeda nearly 10 years ago and the killing of bin Laden.

After the killing of bin Laden and Al Qaeda on the run as far as its top leadership is concerned, there is no reason at all whatsoever for the U.S. and NATO to remain in Afghanistan and stay engaged with Pakistan.  Enough is enough with all the excuses to continue supporting a war that should have ended back in May and now approaching its 10th anniversary.

No more troops in Afghanistan!!  Come home now!!!  We can’t control the inevitable, which is the eventual collapse of the weak and corrupt Karzai government and plunging Afghanistan back into civil war.  The Soviets learned this lesson back in 1988 and we should learn it, too.  Time to declare victory and come home now!!



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