Afghanistan Lurching Towards Civil War

For even more reason for the U.S. and NATO to end its military operations and withdraw from Afghanistan, the recent brazen attacks by the Taliban, including the assassination of former president Rabbani and a attack and the heart of Kabul on the government ministries shows that despite the recent efforts at peace talks, the Taliban has no interest whatsoever with discussion and simply wants us out.

So be it.  I am sorry but enough is enough.  We’ve already sacrificed too much blood, treasure, and time into this operation and its approaches its 10th anniversary with no end in sight at all.  It is time to cut our losses, “declare victory” just like at the end of the Vietnam war, and the get the hell out of there.

Even if the Taliban ever re-gain power, they will never host another terrorist organization again dedicated to attacks against the U.S. and other Western countries for fear of retaliation.  For more information on the quickly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, click here to read an article on the possibility of civil war by the Telegraph.


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