Tweet with us weekly on #AfghanistanTuesday

Joe Scarry of MidWestAntiwar has the details below:

Hello Midwest Antiwar friends –

I think we’re having a breakthrough with our Twitter campaign, and I want to invite you to see it as it’s happening.

In the search for a way to get the conversation on Afghanistan to go viral, we have now landed on this message:

@[screen name] PLEASE! Become a & ask 10 more folks to (become a & ask 10 more folks to (become…

We’re getting a LOT of people using their Twitter accounts to send this message to 10 (or more) specific friends. You can imagine how this can multiply if we reach the “tipping point.”

If you have a Twitter account, please get on it and send the message above to 10 (or more) specific friends/followers (using the @ sign). Then do a Twitter search on the word “Tuesdayista” and watch the fireworks!!/search/realtime/Tuesdayista

Thanks for your support! And see you on #AfghanistanTuesday!

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