The Politics of American Militarism

The domination of our American military infrastructure and support complex has reached a dominating presence in the American foreign affairs budget.  According to a piece from the Atlantic titled: The Politics of American Militarism:

Most Americans would be shocked to learn that something like 95 percent of the foreign affairs budget of the federal government is devoted to the military. National security accounts for about twenty percent of the entire federal budget, but the public seems to have an altogether different perspective: According to a CNN/Opinion Research poll conducted in March of this year, Americans think foreign affairs make up forty percent of the budget, with thirty percent of the budget devoted to the military and the remaining ten percent devoted to foreign aid. Despite the high numbers given the military, the militarism built into the federal budget seems to spark very little concern.

The militarism in the budget lacks any outrage from the American people, which only guarantees that America will continue to have a over burdening military industrial complex, presence in too many countries, and a future of unnecessary military adventurism as the American people has seen this year in Libya and in previous years in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Without expressed outrage from the American people for different budget priorities, our military presence throughout the world will only continue to grow and military expenditures will continue to expand within the federal budget.

To read the The Atlantic article, click here.


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