A struggle developing between secularists and Islamists in the new Libya

NATO’s military involvement may not be over yet in Libya with the latest new development for struggle for control of post Qaddafi Libya.

In what is going to be a long struggle for political and social control in the post Qaddafi Libya, secularists in the National Transitional Council and prominent Islamic scholars and activists are clashing with each other for political and social influence in the capital, Tripoli, as the NTC struggles to establish political legitimacy and control in Libya.   From the Los Angeles Times article titled, “Islamists take aim at Libya rebels’ secular leaders:”

A struggle between secular politicians and Islamists seeking to define the character of the new Libya burst into the open Tuesday, highlighting the challenge authorities face with reconciling demands repressed for decades by Moammar Kadafi that are now suddenly coming to the surface.

Even as the Transitional National Council tries to establish itself in the capital, restore Libya’s oil industry and public order, and crush remaining pockets of support for Kadafi, Islamists have focused their ire on Mahmoud Jibril, a U.S.-educated political scientist who is serving as de facto prime minister.

On Tuesday, a prominent Islamist scholar denounced Jibril and his allies as “extreme secularists” who seek to enrich themselves via “the deal of a lifetime.”

As the National Transitional Council may be in the beginning of a struggle for political control of Libya from the Islamic activists, Qaddafi and members of his former regime may take advantage of the potential power vacuum with no valid political control being established in Tripoli.  This civil war in Libya is far from over.

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