Report: Libya rebels scrambling to find lost arsenal of weapons

This can be considered as a part of the unintended consequences of NATO’s military campaign in Libya.  A report according to the Los Angeles Times, says that the new National Transitional Council government is scrambling to find tons of lost weapons that once belong to the Qaddafi regime.  From the Los Angeles Times piece:

The fall of Moammar Kadafi has opened up Libya’s vast armories to plunder and    pillage, causing alarms to sound worldwide about the possibility that terrorists or insurgents may gain access to lethal weapons, including mines, mortars and missiles capable of shooting down civilian airliners….

As a NATO-led alliance unleashed its bombing campaign in March, experts say, the Kadafi regime began moving the weapons from known military outposts, shifting many of them to civilian sites. The migration of arms has greatly complicated the task of securing them.

The lost arsenal of weapons now brings not only a great challenge to security forces in Libya, but to NATO and its continuous military campaign. It has been reported earlier this week that forces and officials loyal to Qaddafi have entered Niger or Burkina Faso.  If Qaddafi does have these weapons, he can, for years to come, launch and continue an insurgency movement against the National Transitional Council and repeat the same scenarios that have been seen Afghanistan and Iraq in recent years.  To read the Los Angeles Times article, click here.

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