Unintended consequences of the Libyan rebel victory: black racism and imprisonment

As the rebel forces consolidate their control over Libya, in Tripoli, A disturbing trend is beginning to take place where African men are being targeted for harassment and possible imprisonment.  It is known that Moammar Qaddafi relied on black mercenaries to fight the rebel forces in the previous six months of the Libyan civil war.  But, as Patrick McDonnell writes in the Los Angeles Times in a piece titled, Black Migrants Now Live in Fear in Libya.

For decades, impoverished young sub-Saharan Africans came to Libya to work in construction, hotel, car-repair and other blue-collar and service jobs. But Moammar Kadafi also avidly recruited poor black men, both Libyans and sub-Saharans, for his security forces. Government rallies inevitably featured contingents of seemingly delirious gun-toting young blacks waving the leader’s signature green flag. Rebels have not forgotten

With Kadafi on the run, the hunt for loyalists has made all young black men suspect, vulnerable to arrest or worse on edgy streets where snap decisions substitute for measured justice.

As the rebels consolidate control over Libya, they’re expressing their anger against sub Saharan Africans and may be beginning to commit human right abuses against innocent people.  If the National Transitional Council are going to be responsible leaders, they need to stop these abuses committed in their name by the rebel forces.

The article can be read at clicking here.

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