NATO breaks Libya, but they won’t be around to fix it!!

NATO’s war in Libya is supposedly nearing an end since Moammar Qaddafi and his loyalists are cornered and have no where to go.  NATO, however, won’t be around after the war ends to help put Libya back together, though.

In a piece from the Los Angeles Times today by Paul Richter titled “U.S., Europe rules out key post war role in Libya”

Despite signs of dangerous fractures among the Libyan rebels who ousted Moammar Kadafi, the United States and its European allies have ruled out a significant nation-building role or major infusions of aid to the postwar government in Tripoli.

Well, this not only shows how NATO no longer have the appetite  for nation-building, but, this also shows how NATO and the U.S. view the job they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq nation building in the past decade: horribly and with a nation building process without end in either country.

To read the article, click here.

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