Some Painful Truths about President Obama’s Foreign Policy

Glenn Ford of the Black Agenda Report is not joining the victory party for Libya. In Obama’s Responsibility to Protect is a License to Kill – In Libya, Haiti and Beyond, Ford analyses the sham and shame of Responsibility to Protect.

Responsibility to Protect turns international law on its head, allowing militarily powerful countries to claim a moral and legal responsibility to interfere in weaker nations’ internal affairs in order to protect the people from their own government. Short of well-founded and broadly accepted evidence of genocide, there is no place for R2P in international law. But, with the U.S. invasion and occupation of Haiti, in 2004, the U.S., France and Canada sought to justify effectively stripping Haiti of its sovereignty on the grounds of Responsibility to Protect its people – first, from their elected president, whom the Americans deposed and exiled, and then, apparently, from the Haitian people, themselves.

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