A War for Oil

At the Nation blog, Robert Dreyfuss asks, “What do you call it when the full force of a US/NATO aerial bombardment is coupled with political support for a ragtag rebel group that, when victorious, promises to hand over its oil resources to its Western backers?”

Flouting international law and going far beyond the UN resolution that permitted a limited military effort to protect civilians in Benghazi, a decision that was promoted by human rights advocates inside the White House and by certain misguided liberals such as Juan Cole, the Obama administration is in the final stages of imposing forcible regime change against the Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi. It was an operation gleefully backed by the kleptocrats of the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, none of whom like freedom very much, but who engineered the Arab League endorsement of the attack on Libya.

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One Response to A War for Oil

  1. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is pulling Obama’s strings. And, like a good Muslim, Obama obeys. Obama tramples on the Constitution and performs his duties like a King. He usurps a willing Congress to engage in warfare against sovereign nations. The two political parties pass unconstitutional legislation like the Health Care Act, and the so called super Congress that gives Obama even more power. Together with Executive Order 51, the Political Parties and Obama have succeeded in a Coup De’Tat. And, what of the Guardians of the Republic, our Military, nothing! The oath that our military members swore to means absolutely nothing. So, there will be more wars, not for money, but for accumulation of power by the treasonous power elite.

    I am one frustrated American. My powder is dry. But, the majority of American’s are spineless girly boys, and weak minded girls. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. The minority are arming. But, the majority have the money and the military. We are fucked!

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