Come Home America Protest in MN

by Coleen Rowley

In the last few days, first at the Republican Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa, and then outside Obama’s town hall in Cannon Falls, we found the “Come Home America” message (see photos below) is resonating for different reasons with different parts of the political spectrum. The upshot is opportunity to strengthen this large consensus to end the wars and bring the troops and war $$ home.

So we are planning to muster up the message a 3rd time this week and we can use more help! Anyone who would like to help us hold the “Endless War = Endless Debt”, “War IS Taxing”, “Guns or Butter—War or Social Security”, “End American Empire Before It Ends Us” and “W.A.R.—Wasted American Resources” banners tomorrow morning (Wednesday, Aug 17) for those attending the Michele Bachmann-John Boehner and other MN Republican Congressmen (Kline, Paulsen and Cravaack) big Campaign Fundraiser in Wayzata should meet us at 9:30 am near the front entrance to the Spring Hill Golf Club, 725 County Road 6, Wayzata. We’ll bring the banners, signs and t-shirts, if you’ll just bring yourselves. Articles and photos below. Call Ross (952 465-2866) if you have further questions.

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