Veterans for Peace Passes Impeachment Resolution

Veterans for Peace passed the following resolution at its national convention.

Therefore Be It Resolved that Veterans For Peace call on the U.S. House of Representatives to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack H. Obama for failure to uphold his sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic, and for his commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity, obstruction of justice and the violation of numerous national and international laws, treaties and conventions.

The entire resolution can be read at Veterans for Peace.

[Editor’s Note: Come Home America is non-partisan.]

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3 Responses to Veterans for Peace Passes Impeachment Resolution

  1. lonevet2008 says:

    Outstanding, well done!

  2. DragonsLair says:

    The only good thing is that all veterans EVENTUALLY die; may these ba**ar*ds be especially quick about it!

    • Carly Corday says:

      What?? Ohhh! Of course, THEEEESE veterans. None of your top war politicians are veterans of wars or much in the way military service, including Peacetime Papa Rumsfeld, Five Deferrments Cheney, and Thank You Daddy for the Nat Guard Spot Bush. Thank God you didn’t mean them! War/Irony President Obama, either. That would be sacrilige. DL, you are a veteran, I don’t even have to ask. And your son/daughter, did s/he get home safe from Afghaniastan/Iraq? Son still over there? Five deployments? Oh dear! And Jesus, not THE Jesus, but YOUR Jesus, is HE with you on the wishing for the hastening of these veteran’s deaths? That’s nice. YOU’RE nice. (And it’s great that you are keeping track of these kinds of veterans! Don’t get too tired.)

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