Ex-DNI rips Obama White House

by Josh Gerstein

ASPEN, Colo.—Former Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair unloaded on the White House Thursday evening, strongly criticizing the administration’s reliance on U.S.-directed drone strikes and saying officials have failed to implement the lessons of Sept. 11 by backing away from efforts to integrate the intelligence community.

Blair, who was essentially fired by President Barack Obama last year, said the administration should curtail U.S.-led drone strikes on suspected terrorists in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia because the missiles fired from unmanned aircraft are fueling anti-American sentiment and undercutting reform efforts in those countries.

To read the rest of Ex-DNI rips Obama White House, please visit Politico.

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One Response to Ex-DNI rips Obama White House

  1. Dakotahgeo says:

    Sooo… what else is new? Oil and hegemony say it all!

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